Sunday, 26 May 2013

All about Writing and Publishing

Recently, I have been listening to the advice of several people connected with the writing and publishing industries.  These talks have been made possible by Christine Kloser and include the following people:

Christine Kloser's Authors & Experts

If you find this blog in time, you can listen to many of these talks for free until Monday 27 May 2013. Simply go to the website and register for access:

Discover how to become a Hay House author with Reid Tracy.  FREE replay until Monday.  #TAE2013

How to write a book proposal… FREE replay with Linda Sivertsen until Monday!  #TAE2013

How to organize your book content… FREE replay with Fabienne Fredrickson until Monday!   #TAE2013

Learn about eBook publishing… FREE replay with Ellen Violette until Monday!  #TAE2013

Make the most of book industry changes… FREE replay with agent, Bill Gladstone until Monday!   #TAE2013

Discover your world-changing story… FREE replay with Gail Larsen until Monday!  #TAE2013

You’re right where you’re meant to be… FREE replay with SARK until Monday!  #TAE2013

From a UK perspective (and in my opinion), the approach and style is quite American, but the advice when you reach it is worth noting down as it applies to anyone anywhere.

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