Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Real Invisible Man

Up to the age of 9, I tried to be invisible to my teachers - I didn't want them to ask me questions that I didn't know the answers to. I was very creative and practical - but not 'academic'. Between ages 9 and 10, I became more confident in presenting myself as a person that could do things - I let a few friends and teachers see what I was capable of. Between ages 11 and 16, I tried to be invisible to my peers at school - I didn't like the attention I received from the bullies! Between 17 and 20, I began to mix more with others - and speak to girls and women for the first time. As time went on, I valued my privacy more and found ways to avoid unsolicited attention - everything from junk mail through the post or email to sales people in the street. By the age of 40, I had become so good at avoiding attention that I could walk down the street and not be noticed, or even enter a room of people and not be seen.  Now, at age 52 - and despite a good Internet presence - I feel that my invisibility is no longer serving my best interests.

Being invisible is not helping me to meet people or inform them about my books, talks, meetup groups, art work, or workshops.  I am on several social network and multimedia websites - not to mention 9 websites built and managed by myself - but despite this seemingly high profile I still remain largely invisible. Even when I gave two Pecha Kucha presentations at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, the event website changed several times and recordings of those early occasions were not placed in a publicly accessible archive.

I believe I have some really interesting, useful and often entertaining information to share with others that can really make a positive difference to their lives. From self-healing with crystal wands to a deep understanding of the law of attraction, I have discovered and compiled some amazing life tools... But what good is this if no one knows about me or where to access this stuff?

Perhaps I might put this lack of profile down to two things: I'm not naturally comfortable to engage in off-the-cuff chatting to strangers in the street; and I'm pretty useless when it comes to shallow 'small-talk'.  However, I'm great once I have an audience or someone steps in to make some introductions.  For those meeting me in this way for the first time, I probably suddenly appear, or shimmer into their existence. People are often delighted by my company, knowledge and sense of humour and I always enjoy positive feedback.

Of course, by the nature of the law of attraction, when I do meet people, they are often too much like me - people with few contacts where the opportunity to spread a bit of 'word-of-mouth' to others that could really help with my promotion, simply doesn't exist!  

So here I am - possibly writing about invisibility in a blog that is itself probably invisible! But in case one of you has found this, perhaps I can request that you share it with some of the people you know - because I sure as heck can't!

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  1. I honor the strength of your ability to be vulnerable in this post Richard! Thanks for sharing and also thanks for your many 'wisdom words' shared at groups and 1-1 conversations over the years... I personally have found them insightful and helpful for my own spiritual growth and journey. Good luck with your intention to become 'seen'. :-)