Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Disappearing Dentist

The day started normally and I left the house just after 11am to go for my yearly dental check-up in Holmfirth.  I parked in my usual car park and walked around the corner to the dentist.  However, when I reached the door, it looked a bit dark inside and a notice on the door declared:

"We have moved"

Well, thanks a bunch for telling me!  Since I am not that familiar with place names in Holmfirth, I wasn't sure where the new address was.  I walked back to the main road and turned towards the town centre.  Coming towards me was (I assumed) a local and I asked him if he knew the new location.  He was as uncertain as I was, but we both thought I was heading in the right direction. 

After a few more steps, and realising it was now 5 minutes before my appointment, I suddenly remembered my mobile.  I phoned up, only to discover that the dentist was now behind me and actually the same distance in the opposite direction to the path I had taken, from their old premises.

An innate sense of direction isn't something I was ever blessed with, so it was no surprise that I intuitively set off in the wrong direction - and don't think I haven't tried playing with this by having this internal conversation:

"Which way shall I go?  I think I should turn left.  That means I should probably go right, since I usually get direction wrong.  But if I turn right instead of left, perhaps I should go left anyway..."

What was actually more interesting to me, was that my dentist had moved.  In terms of spiritual development and law of attraction - and all those things connected with 'creating our own reality', I have to say that at no time, past or present, had I ever entertained any thought or expectation that my dentist would not be where I left it last time!  My complete 'knowing' expectation was that I would arrive at my dentist in the usual way. 

As Spock from the old Star Trek series would say: Fascinating...

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