Wednesday 18 September 2013

Felt Up The Wrong Way!

Last Sunday, the weather produced a small gale where I live - the result being that on Monday morning, I noticed the felt from my shed roof folded in a neat heap on the ground next to it. A year previous, the wind had lifted one length of the felt and left it dangling down the length of the long side of the shed. As the felt was mostly intact, I managed to flip it back over the roof and make a reasonable repair with some more felt nails and a couple of wooden strips. However, after inspecting the latest damage I discovered about a quarter of the felt now missing and it was obvious from other tears and gaps that the only solution, to save the contents of the shed from rain damage, would be to re-felt the lot!

I managed to find a place to buy felt in Wakefield, together with more felt nails and some bitumen-type sealer for the felt overlap areas. Despite having had rain showers on and off for most of the morning, a gap in the weather allowed me to complete the re-fit in just over an hour in warm sunshine. After completing the felting, I realised that only one of my original edging fascia boards was free of rot. The two ends were well past being reusable.

In the past, I have always bought my wood locally at the Timbernest in Clayton West. Sadly, the last time I went it was closed for a week, and a couple of weeks after that, it looked like this!

In the end, I remembered Ernshaw's Timber (even more local to me) and they had the wood I needed for about £3. I added two new ends and a further strip along the back:

As soon as I'd finished, it started to rain. The only thing left to do, was paint the ends to match the rest of the shed colour.

Work complete (between rain showers), it should last the winter now - and hopefully, several more years. 

The garden area has continued to flourish and it's now a nice place to sit out.