Monday 12 August 2013

Garden Plants and Classic Cars

August is one of the busiest months for me - mainly due to it being the school summer holiday for my daughter... which in turn means complying with numerous requests for various activities... not to mention her birthday in the same month!

Anyway, I managed to complete the patio seating area and a local gardener helped by supplying several plants at little cost.

(With bubbles)

We attended both Woolley Horse Show and Emley Show - taking numerous photos we will probably never do much with... Here are a couple:

No one that I know, but the goat was delighted (Emley)

Some of you may be mistaken in thinking that the focus of my attention and the main event here (at Woolley) is the horse and rider...

...but actually, the horse was in the way on that previous shot:

I've always liked that commentary box - it would make a great motorhome / travelling workshop. For much of the year it is parked not far from where I live and I often drive past it.

More to my liking was the Gala and Classic Car event at Barnsley's Locke Park:

I've not been to the Locke Park event before and previously have had my classic 'fix' by going to the Thornes Park event in Wakefield.  However, this year they got the date wrong - changed it twice and I ended up missing it!

Here's a small sample of some of the Locke Park vehicles: